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In a nutshell:

Kiwimo is a smart solution for companies to always keep an eye on the mood of their workforce. Get honest insights into the needs of your employees and benefit from regular forecasts about the future development of the working atmosphere.

Optimal for use in occupational safety, workplace health management and human resources departments.

  • Employee Mood
  • Diagnosis & Analysis
  • Plan measures
  • Encourage dialog
Satisfaction analysis
Regularly and anonymously
Mental risk assessment
Legally compliant and simple
Mail, terminal and smartphone
Reach the entire workforce
Team, group and site analyses
Customized to your company
Motivation, appreciation and workload
Indicators that HR must know at all timess
Automatic catalog of measures
Find out what your staff really needs
Management-cockpit and scores
React before it is too late
Automatic Reports & Alerts
Focus on what is most important
Employer's seal
Show applicants that you care
Executives Dashboards
Prepared for the next personnel interview

Our customers know more!

Whether in healthcare, banking or the public sector - Kiwimo already supports more than 100+ customers with important and structured insights.

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Personnel with a good mood work more safely, creatively and productively. Mood is an important leading indicator for numerous illnesses and productivity losses.

The Kiwimo software automatically measures the mood in your company without any effort and automatically provides you and e.g. your HR department with an evaluation. This allows you to intervene at an early stage before worse consequences (workplace accidents, burnout, etc.) occur.

The development of Kiwimo is supported by the Ministry of Economy. For this reason, we can offer the software to selected companies at highly discounted conditions.

Kiwimo is a funding project following EU standards:

The development of Kiwimo is supported and promoted by the NRW Ministry of Economics and other strong partners.

Techboost of Telekom Deutschland AG
IT Infrastructure Partner
TÜV Rheinland AG
Secure data & server locations
Hosting in Germany
HR Knowledge

Added value and experience

Kiwimo is more than just software. With our partner network, you can find out about all matters relating to the subject area of modern HR work.

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Measure satisfaction &
working atmosphere
Legally compliant
risk assessment
Increase employer attractiveness

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